The 40 truths from my inner child... an inspirational and useful book

Did you know that your inner child can help you understand what you cannot?  

Have you tried speaking to your inner child?  Some say that it exists, as almost a different being.  Doctor Ewa Danuta,Ph.D. ,  is a Polish immunologist.  She decided to give this a try and record every conversation. The results are pretty amazing!

This unique book allows you to understand the meaning of a difficult childhood, and take from it the power of life and creativity, drawing from the wisdom of the small child. Was based on her own experience of her inner child and includes over 40 Truths. Recommended for those who have difficulty making choices, have low self-esteem, and above all, finding the right path and being yourself fully.

Very useful for those who have difficulty making choices, have low self esteem, and above all, finding the right path and being yourself fully.

A short commentary as the introduction

I was inspired to work with an ‘inside’ child by a book which I read few years ago and which I came across again: ‘Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson’ by Joan Borysenko. Something drove me to start doing it, namely do each exercise one by one. From the very beginning I had a feeling that I was starting to build or perhaps find inner relations within me which are the origin of every relationship with others. This is how the title of this collection came to life.
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As it soon turns out, my dialogues with a child, little Eve, are not just a way of solving her little dilemmas, searching for love and safety by a grown-up Eve, but also answers to my personal adult questions which I ask myself at present. They are pieces of advice (very frequently very wise) from little Eve to the adult one. That is why each part is entitled ‘advice’.

The act of healing the childhood period, unblocking traumas accompanying it releases creativity and spontaneity which were stifled in a little girl and helps to make use of them in life.

Almost a theatrical dialogue with the child within, the learning mind. Very intriguing. A.A., Book Critic, London, UK
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  1. Many traumatic experiences in my childhood confirmed me years later that I have to heal this space in myself. But the contact with Psychosynthesis helped me in the healing of my childhood . Inner child is very real to us, like the pain in different parts of the body for sufferers of Fibromyalgia . However, buying a book titled "Guild is a teacher, Love is the lesson" written by Joan Borysenko brought me a convenient technique encounters with the inner child . Each of our experience of childhood is in fact encoded in the body, each of his memory and situations . Through the simple technique of Joan every day , I met with my little Eve. It was an extraordinary meeting. Some situations I did not remember, but when I looked at it deeper, I always recognized that it happen in my life.

    The book is dedicated to asking my adult questions to find the answers.from inner girl. I had to be quick and ready to save it immediately, because, if I did not manage to capture the words, they immediately disappeared and it was not possible to repeat them.

    This is how I found myself this book as very fascinating description, based on the daily meeting with my little girl in me and asking her my adult existential questions about the meaning and purpose.

  2. Healing your past is the gift you offer for yourself. It is nor about blaming anybody. It is about you, your health and wellbeing

  3. Years ago when I started this work with my inner child, I discovered how she help me to understand me more, my direction in my life. It was extraordinary insight: I am the most important for me. I re-discovered her and she expresses what is important in my life! Read these beautiful advice full of wisdom!

  4. Do you want more? Do you know yourself? Do you want to know more about you, your way? Read this inspirational advice and check you!

  5. - "What do you think, what can be done to make oneself feel better?
    - Like with your eyes. Change the feeling by changing the way of looking".. -

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