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Interview with Ewa Bialek, PhD

40 Truths from my Inner Child
Ewa Bialek’s book, 40 Truths from my Inner Child, is a revelation to all of us who seek healing from past abusive memories.  Ewa decided to spend 40 days talking to her own inner child and record the results in a journal, from which she has written the book.  The results are a amazing. It is as if this child is alive and speaking to her, and it gives us hope that we also can reach far back into our childhood and heal the old wounds.
We interviewed Ewa recently and here are some of the commentaries:
1.      How did you learn about the Inner Child and why did you decide to use this method of healing?
I learned a lot about Inner Child, being trained as psychosynthesist. Psychosynthesis explain a lot about wounded child and building false identity, not authentic, because of protection against the wounds repeated many times during also adult life. Some psychosynthesists wrote about it, especially J. Firman & A. GIla. Having my wounded child from early childhood I searched different methods to heal it.
2.      Were you skeptical at first about the existence of an Inner Child?
I never been skeptical about existence of my inner girl. It was so real for me, especially in adult life, observing my childhood reactions of fear and rejection.
3.      After this experience, do you believe there is a true Inner Child inside people?
I am working with this inner child with people and they always find them
4.      As a scientist, did you continuously question this interaction?
As a scientist I never stopped to ask me questions. True science and scientist is all about - being curious and searching more and deeper up to satisfactory answer...and releasing. It was not only finding the answers, but releasing negative energies: fear, rejection, lack of love, grief, anger, etc. Finding the answers and releasing it was the process of discovery...and it never stops curiosity and the need to raise the quality of my life and health.
5.      Were you surprised by her answers?
I was very surprised of the answers of small Eve. I never imagine how it works...very simply and deeply rooted in life story.
6.      How many days did you carry this through?
It was 40 days. I was usually very punctual and exact, so I did it every day for 40 days. Of course I can stop any time, but it was so excited to find new discoveries, so I continue to exact number 40.
7.      Were you with someone when this question/answer period took place?
I am firstly self-educator, and wanted not to spoil the process, taking care of me of another person, not experiences in the process. When I practiced for myself, by myself, I became authentic, describing all details in order to use it for my clients. It's about self-help and discovering your true authentic yourself.
8.      What effect did this conversation with your inner child have on your daily life?  Your wellbeing?
Day by day I became much more conscious about my health problems since my early childhood. I released the causes, drew energy from them, enhancing the quality of my life. It was worthwhile to do it. Only  40 days to reach a new life is not a lot of time.
9.      Do you still talk to the Inner Child?
I have an observer inside of me, and when faced with a new tense situation, or when I am searching for answers inside of me, that is when I feel especially connected with inner child. I am determined not to live with tension, pain, stress, or tiredness. We don’t know how much potential energy we have inside of us, once we release those tensions.
10.   Were there bad experiences that your inner child related to you that you did not reveal in the book?
 Usually, the inner child, when is loved and taking care of, is very friendly. This process had to be initiated. You remember probably from my blog about fibromyalgia, I was unwanted and unloved child, rejected, discriminated in the family, also emotionally and sexually abused. So I have to heal all of these memories and give love as much as I can to my inner child, and later play with her, and ask her questions.

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